Battle of the Blog

Ihave a love/hate relationship with blogging. I've shared about this before on previous blogs, but I used to be a more disciplined writer and thoroughly enjoyed blogging when I was in a publishing rhythm. I had an RSS reader churning through hundreds of feeds which was for all intents and purposes my daily newspaper. Fast-forward a few social network launches and the death of Google Reader and today I get most of my news from Twitter and a handful of sites I visit manually on a regular basis. Plus I've lost the discipline of blogging myself, mostly because in 2009 Twitter became my broadcasting medium.

Since then I've flirted with the idea of getting back into a blogging habit. I've made declarations of being "back in the game" before only to have things fizzle out. I'm fully aware that might happen again, but the only way I know how to aim for progress is to put one step forward and try to repeat that again and again. So here we are, another blog birthed and another initial post full of hope.

I've made a few key adjustments this time which I hope will aid in my discipline to blog regularly:

  1. I'm using a blog-centric platform called Ghost. In the past I've tried other solutions which were decent, but weren't as familiar to me as the days when I was running a Wordpress blog. I didn't want to go the WP route this time because I wanted something simpler to set up and manage. My friend Matt Smith reminded me of Ghost, so here I am. I still have my portfolio site online as well. Over time I may port the posts on that site over to this one.
  2. I'm trusting in the combination of RSS and Social Networks to help grow a readership. Since RSS isn't as highly used as it used to be and many people get their site updates via social networks and friends, I've been skeptical whether anyone would find and/or read anything I published. I asked on Twitter recently how people follow popular blogs and the answers showed a mix of social networks, RSS, and friends. It's clear that a combination of these things is key to promotion.
  3. I need and want to share more about the things I'm passionate about that are not design related. Years ago I wrote mostly about creativity, design, and inspiration and in turn I believe I grew in my discipline and understanding of this field. It's not rocket science. The more you consider, reflect, and write the sharper you become about the subjects you cover. Or at the very least you help challenge yourself on what you believe and care about. Either way, you see growth. I want to get back in that habit and I challenge myself on a variety of issues. If I stick with this, then I expect my writing to be more candid and honest. This is good for me, as I often struggle with the belief that I can't share something unless I have it all figured out. I want to break this. I want to be okay with being vulnerable in my writing. Hopefully that will cause me to grow as a person and in turn you'll see more of who I am.

So there you have it, another first post in the books. I have more already planned, some written, so there's at least hope of a blog with at least two pages of posts. :) Onward.